Crab-eating macaque

Macaca fascicularis

Genome assembly: MacFas5.0 (GCA 000364345.1)

This is the preliminary display of the assembly of the crab-eating macaque genome (Macaca fascicularis 5.0, GCA_000364345.1), produced in June 2013 by Washington University. It consists of 22 chromosomes (20 autosomal, X and mitochondrial), 7,107 unplaced scaffolds and 518 unlocalized scaffolds. The N50 of the contigs of the submitted assembly is 86.04 Kb and the N50 of the scaffolds is 88.649 Mb. The N50 size is the length such that 50% of the assembled genome lies in blocks of the N50 size or longer.

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Gene annotation

What can I find? Protein-coding and non-coding genes, splice variants, cDNA and protein sequences, non-coding RNAs.

Preliminary gene annotation in the crab-eating macaque has been generated by a combination of alignments of nucleotide and protein sequences from a number of different sources. We aligned human and Macaca mulatta translations from Ensembl release 74 to provide 18,271 and 20,125 gene models, respectively. Alignments of 543 crab-eating macaque protein sequences, 143,796 macaque EST sequences and 13,307 cDNA sequences are also included in this preview site. Ab initio gene predictions and alignments of sequences from UniProt, UniGene and the ENA vertebrate RNA collection are also provided.

Genome statistics

Assembly: MacFas5.0, Jun 2013
Database version: 75
Base Pairs: 2,803,866,698
Golden Path Length: 2,946,843,737
Genscan gene predictions: 45,971

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