Painted turtle

Chrysemys picta bellii

Genome assembly: ChrPicBel3.0.1 (GCA 000241765.1)

This is the preliminary display of the western painted turtle (Chrysemys picta bellii) genome assembly "Chrysemys_picta_bellii-3.0.1" (ChrPicBel3.0.1). The assembly was produced by the International Painted Turtle Genome Sequencing Consortium. The primary assembly comprises 80983 scaffolds. The collection of 551708 contigs included in this assembly have an N50 value of 11.9kb.

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Gene annotation

What can I find? Protein-coding and non-coding genes, splice variants, cDNA and protein sequences, non-coding RNAs.


Preliminary gene annotation for the western painted turtle was generated by aligning Ensembl proteins from chicken and green anole lizard using data from Ensembl release 66, as well as by aligning 12 painted turtle proteins from UniProtKB. With a cut-off of 60% identity and 90% coverage for the chicken proteins, and 60% identity and 85% coverage for the lizard proteins, we have predicted 9858 models based on the chicken proteins, and 10722 models based on the lizard proteins. The UniProtKB proteins gave rise to 28 predicted transcripts. In addition, ab initio Genscan gene predictions and BLAST alignments of sequences from several public databases (e.g. UniGene, EMBL Vertebrate RNA, UniProtKB) are available. Please note that the gene predictions shown here do not represent a final Ensembl gene set.

Genome statistics

Assembly: ChrPicBel3.0.1, Dec 2011
Database version: 75
Base Pairs: 2,158,276,499
Golden Path Length: 2,589,728,838
Genscan gene predictions: 57,812

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